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2018 Workforce Housing Forum


Opening & Welcome

Tim Kenny, Nebraska Investment Finance Authority

Darren Robinson, Economic Development Council of Buffalo County


Session - Workforce Housing:  Getting Started

Panelists will discuss how to get started on Workforce Housing Projects, including topics such as: identifying housing needs, community partners and initial steps in the process.

Ken Lemke, Nebraska Public Power District

Don Gross, Metro Area Planning Agency

Sharon Hueftle, South Central Economic Development District

Lisa Hurley, York County Development Corporation


Session - Workforce Housing:  Design Innovation

You know your housing needs, now what? What kind of housing do you need? What new design options will meet your needs? Learn from the experts.

Steve Peregrine, Nebraska Housing Resources

Amos Anson, Empire Development

Dan Kubr, Vantage Point Homes

Randall Heckmann, Kearney Habitat for Humanity

Jerry Marlatt, Kearney Habitat for Humanity


Session - Workforce Housing:  Finance

You know your housing needs and have selected your design...how do you fund it?

Earl Redrick, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Robin Ambroz, Nebraska Investment Finance Authority

Steph Karo, Tri County Bank

Lynn Kohout, Nebraska Department of Economic Development

Edgar Morales, United States Department of Agriculture - Rural Development


Session - Workforce Housing: Step by Step

Let’s put it all together!

Capri Chapman, Holdrege Development Corporation

Garry Clark, Greater Fremont Area Development Council

Nancy Striebel, Lincoln County Community Development Corporation


During the final joint session of the day, attendees gathered to hear from three industry experts followed by a group activity. Capri Chapman, Garry Clark, and Nancy Striebel lead the group activity that focused on three primary areas: Employer Engagement, Community Partnerships, and Design Innovations. Attendees selected a group based on which topic best related to their interest, field or project. The groups brainstormed possible ideas and solutions related to workforce housing issues in Nebraska and then came back together for a report out to all attendees.


Here are the results.


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